Nanbaka! A wild story about four friends locked away in one of the most formidable prisons in Japan. Each inmate is given a specific number and is addressed as such. Jyugo (15), Nico (25), Rock (69) and Uno (11), desperately try to escape the prison at least once a day. Despite their unsuccessful attempts, their cell guard, Hajime Sugoroku, always intervenes at the right time. 

Jyugo is considered the leader of the group. He has a lanky build with a dull personality and is very apathetic. He has black hair with red streaks, color changing eyes and black nail polish on his fingers and toes. He’s infamously known for picking any lock, which is how he and his friends are always escaping. However, the only things he can’t seem to unlock are the shackles around his ankles, wrists and neck. Not even Jyugo knows why the shackles were placed on him; he does what he can to find out. 

Nico is an effeminate boy with a love for anime, manga and video games. He has long green hair, bandages covering one side of his body, and a ball and chain around his ankle. He’s a junkie with a love for medicine as long as it isn’t injected. His “side effects” are far from traditional. Depending on if he takes his pills or not, he can develop superpowers just by watching someone demonstrate a move, or he can cause everyone around him to experience a strange phenomenon. He’s very friendly and seems to be the most entergetic out of the bunch. 

Rock is the biggest and strongest out of the gang. He has purple and red hair, sporting a mohawk and a ponytail with feathers on the sides. He’s a food fanatic and prefers Nanba prison because the food tastes great. He’s an American known for being rough, rowdy and starting fights. He’s not the brightest out of the group but he does love his friends and would do anything to protect them. 

Uno is the womanizing gambler who hates exercise despite his lean build. He’s an excellent con man and can read anyone like a book. He has long colorful hair he usually wears in a braid under his hat. He’s pretty smart albeit he makes some pretty dumb comments. He’s a jokester who’s serious when need be and says exactly what’s on his mind. 

Hajime is the main cell guard for building 13. He’s probably the most fearsome guard in Nanba prison. He’s extremely serious and is the strongest out of all the guards and prisoners. He’s always referred to as “Gorilla” because of his ferocious demeanor and bald head. Although his tolerance for nonsense is slim to none, he tends to let Jyugo and the gang off the hook with a lot of questionable antics.

Nanbaka constantly refers to itself as a comedy anime. It is, as well as a parody in some moments, but then has a serious tone when it comes to certain characters. It’s a very fulfilling anime with a little something for everybody. If you enjoy crazy shenanigans, running, food guzzling characters and references to your favorite anime, then give Nanbaka a shot!


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