Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail! It initially starts off about a girl by the name of Lucy Heartfilia, who sets out on her own to join a guild. That guild in particular would be Fairy Tail. Coincidence or not, she happens to meet one of the members of the guild: Natsu Dragneel. She tells Natsu all about her dream of becoming a member of Fairy Tail, and he just so happens to grant her request. Lucy ends up collaborating with Gray, Erza and Natsu. They then form their signature group and go on quests to help people and make money.

Natsu Dragneel is known as The Fire Dragon Slayer, Salamander, The son of Igneel and many other names. As you can hint from his name, his ability is fire. He’s one of the most strongest members of Fairy Tail, and is always getting someone out of a pinch. He’s a little ditsy at times, but smart when he needs to be.

Gray Fullbuster, Natsu’s polar opposite friend and rival. Gray has ice maker abilities. He’s strong and very capable of holding his own in battle. He seems serious almost all of the time and his past is seen as very dark. Nonetheless, him and Natsu bring the fights and fun wherever they go.

Erza Scarlet. Titania herself. She’s a beautiful swordswoman who is nothing to play with. She’s one of the very few members allowed to go on S class missions. She’s extremely strong and intelligent and has a sweet tooth. She’s always keeping Natsu and Gray in check.

Lucy is a celestial spirit wizard who uses keys to command the Zodiacs. She’s a writer in her spare time and has a spunky attitude. She’s always positive and loves her friends in the guild. Each and every character in the anime has amazing abilities, and the history of everyone’s past makes for great episodes. Fairy Tail is a great anime and it’s well worth the watch!


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