Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter! A classic. Let’s start with Gon. Gon Freecss is a young boy who dreams to become a hunter to find his father. His father, who is also a hunter, left Gon to be raised by a relative. In order to find out the truth about his dad, he ventures on the long and agonizing journey to the truth.


Along the way he makes very memorable friends, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio. The gang meet at the first hunter exam – a grueling experience. They quickly bond though, making great memories along the way. The story shifts from Gon and Killua, to Kurapika and Leorio. Gon and Killua join forces to find Gon’s dad, and to also figure out what it is Killua wants to do with his life. Kurapika seeks revenge on a group infamously known as the Phantom Troupe, who had massacred his clan. Leorio goes on his own to become a doctor to make money. 

There’s plenty more detail to the anime that’ll leave you speechless. Hunter x Hunter is definitely a great series to watch if you’re looking for a great story line, memorable characters, serious and light-hearted moments and everything in between!


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