One Punch Man

One Punch Man! A massive hit. (no pun intended) Almost everyone loves it. As you can hint from the title, One Punch Man is about a man named Saitama who can defeat all of his enemies with just: one punch. Saitama is not your average superhero by any means. From his looks, (when he’s not in serious mode) he seems small and lanky – usually not the image of your everyday hero. However, he’s the strongest there is although close to no one believes him. From his personality, or lack thereof, he seems very dull. Here’s why. There’s no one on the planet who can defeat him! Everyone gets obliterated as soon as he touches them so he isn’t the eager hero he should be. 

Along the way he meets his new disciple, Genos. Genos is a teenage cyborg who can very well hold his own. His body is modified and consists of guns, rockets, anything fire related, you name it he’s got it. His personality is pretty stern but he gets along with Saitama very well. Needing something new to do, they both decide to join the hero agency. This is where the series starts to get a whole lot more interesting. They meet other popular heroes as well as foes posed as heroes. Take a ride on the 12 episode series that certainly needs a second season, One Punch Man!


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