Trigun! Trigun was one of those series where you either loved it or hated it. It’s fair to say the manga was favored, but the anime had mixed reviews. This series revolves around a man infamously known as Vash the Stampede (aka the 60 billion double dollar man and the Humanoid Typhoon).


Vash is portrayed initially by the public as a mass murderer, someone who has no regard for human life and a destroyer of anything and everything in his path. You could say Vash has two personalities: one being the goofy, immature person he really is, and the other being the determined gunman who’s misunderstood by the people around him. Vash the Stampede is an excellent gun fighter; the best there is. That tends to get him in a lot of mishaps throughout the series. He faces hardship after hardship starting from when he was a boy all the way up until his adult years. 

The main point of interest is his extreme internal and external conflict he has with his evil twin brother Knives. In one way or another, all of Vash’s problems lead directly to Knives’ doing. Which of course causes Vash a great amount of pain and suffering. Knives isn’t mentioned until near the end of the series, but once he’s revealed, things start to make more sense. The anime doesn’t give you a whole lot of insight on his past like the manga, but it’s still worth the watch. If you like space/western gunfights and evil characters galore, then Trigun is the anime for you!


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