GetBackers! ah, 90’s anime. GetBackers will certainly leave you wanting more. With less than 50 episodes you get attached to the characters more towards the end of the series, which is a huge bummer. Ginji Amano and Ban Midou are two 20 year old “recovery specialists”. They claim to recover anything you’ve lost with a 100% “get back” rate. This anime is very entertaining specifically because these two youngsters have special abilities that surpass anyone of their age. Ginji, being the infamous “Lightning Emperor”, and Ban, being the “Evil Eye” or “Jagan” user. Ginji Amano is goofy, has a horrible sense of direction and is always in a pinch (but can handle his own). Ban Midou, being Ginji’s polar opposite, is remotely serious, smart and sharp-witted. He’s usually the one to clean up Ginji’s messes. These friends are inseparable, and always manage to get closer on each mission. 

All in all, the journey these two go on is a great one. They recover countless items and always receive a lumpsum of money for their hard work (even though it always goes wrong for them in the end). They meet plenty of strong foes along the way so the fights are pretty dang good. It’s an anime definitely worth the watch. You won’t be disappointed!


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